New Perfumery Book – Method of Creation in Perfumery

The book presents the ODIC method (OverDoseInducedCompatibilities) which define a perfume of value, with personality, from the use of an overdose (SD) as well as the new definition-classification of the components of the fragrance composition in Dominant (D), major (mj) , medium (me), minor (mi) depending on the concentration at which they are used.

Another important element of novelty is the definition of the induced compatibilities. Studying thousands of perfume recipes I noticed that all valuable perfumes with personality are built on an overdose of a component. Making a perfume recipe based on an overdose as a starting point (depending on the character of the perfume) greatly simplifies the procedure because otherwise we would be faced with an infinity of experimental data extremely difficult to use, which is extremely useful to solve the problem from the point of view of AI Artificial Intelligence. The inventive activity of the ODIC method is the fact that we could introduce in the perfumery recipe medium or minor components, incompatible with overdose, but which become perfectly compatible with the overdose through the dominant or major components which ensures harmonization of the mixture. This allows the creation of perfume compositions with a much larger number of components, perfectly harmonized, much more complex as an olfactory shade. The book presents few hundreds of top line perfumes achieved in according with the ODIC method and with a new beautiful musk base – Musk M25, a mixture of Exaltone, Dihydroambrettolide, Silvanone S and Cashmeran.